Rocky Star was established in 1995, with a mission to create relevant, luxury couture for the ever-evolving global women and men of today. Ever since, we have developed and created a self-sustaining unit with in-house skilled master craftsmen and artisans, who breathe life to every piece we passionately design. At our atelier, we focus on cut, comfort, fit and finish that transform in haute couture, bridal, luxury pret and accessories for women and men. The brand is dedicated to the vision of creating fashion that is as contemporary as it is rooted and as elegant as it is innovative.


Design Philosophy

Baroque and gothic traces influence the brand with a design sensibility that is luxurious in aesthetic yet simplistic in style. Creating a neo-Victorian era, Rocky Star celebrates the grandeur of the past in the present with glamorous and edgy designs. Old world charm comes to life with a new- age magic in dramatic silhouettes, decorative prints and intricate embroideries.





Creative Director

Driven by his love for design and tenacious commitment to quality craftsmanship rocky star has built a lifestyle portfolio reckon with. he developed passion transformed it into empire invaluable meaningful contribution towards showcasing indian inspired global designs on international platforms tell tales about the brand determination revolutionize fashion in world. visionary thinker unconventional approach curious nature envelopes as designer.>