Bent Chair Furniture

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Ocean Grey Lounge Chair

Ocean Grey Lounge Chair

Rs. 60,179.00
Redefine comfort with Rocky Star's Ocean Grey Lounge Chair. Adding a sumptuous focal point to any home interiors, the chair boasts a plush upholstery. With a classy appeal, the design...
Rocky Star Maya Dining Chair

Maya Dining Chair

Rs. 54,280.00
A  generous construction wrapped in a sumptuous velvet upholstery, this classic chair by Rocky Star's furniture line expresses simplicity matched with utmost radiance. Characterised by an angular backseat, clean-lined silhouette...
Rocky Star Glass Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table

Rs. 52,920.00
A stunning high-grade construction finished in clear glossy and antique gold, redefining luxury to another level. This interesting coffee table by Rocky Star is a delight to introduce to your...
Rocky Star End Table

End Table

Rs. 52,920.00
This regal end table from Rocky Star’s furniture line is an optimal pick to add splendor and chic vibes to your living space. Constructed in high-grade Indian Rosewood, the deep...
Rocky Star Dining Chair

Dining Chair

Rs. 51,565.00
Rocky Star's Dining chair features a timeless elegant construction. Wrapped in polyester velvet and PU in distressed finishes, this effortless slender chair in steam wood construction will surely add a...
Rocky Star Botanical Occasional Chair

Botanical Occassional Chair

Rs. 51,565.00
Blossoming floral leitmotifs of verdant blooms are one serene sight in Rocky Star’s furniture line. Handmade to precision in Indian Rosewood, this hand-carved velvet upholstered chair takes you to an...
Rocky Star Baroque Occasional Chair

Baroque Occasional Chair

Rs. 51,565.00
Featuring a royal looking side chair drawing inspiration from the Baroque Collection by Rocky Star. Embellished with rich jewel tones, the hand-carved jewel is a luxury to own. Its frame...
Rocky Star Anthropod Dining Chair

Anthropod Dining Chair

Rs. 54,280.00
Bent Chair's collaboration with Rocky Star is bringing back abstract art furnished with contemporary designs. Sweeping lines and sumptuous velvet upholstery add glamour to the beautifully crafted chair. Perfect for...
Rocky Star Ocean Blue Lounge Chair

Ocean Blue Lounge Chair

Rs. 60,180.00
Redefine comfort with Rocky Star's Ocean Blue Lounge Chair. Adding a sumptuous focal point to any home interiors, the chair boasts a plush upholstery. With a classy appeal, the design...
Ocean Blue Dining Chair

Ocean Blue Dining Chair

Rs. 46,020.00
Enhance the style of your dining space with the exquisite piece from our designer collection. Rocky Star's Ocean Dining Chair is crafted of steam beech wood with gold-finished SS legs....
Rocky Star Ocean Bench

Ocean Bench

Rs. 53,100.00
Delve in the domain of comfort and luxury with Rocky Star's Ocean Bench. Sleek and sturdy, the bench showcases a bluish hue inspired by the oceanic elements. The texture of...