Bent Chair Furniture

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Ocean Dining Table

Ocean Dining Table

Rs. 218,300.00
Twist the age-old with Rocky Star's Ocean Dining Table. Immerse in the domain of opulence with this sturdy piece from our designer collection. Displaying an erratic pattern, the marble tabletop...
Rocky Star Ocean Console Table

Ocean Console Table

Rs. 88,500.00
An amalgamation of form and function, Rocky Star's Ocean Console Table is the epitome of opulence. Hand-crafted to perfection, the console table is the perfect pick for any home interiors....
Rocky Star Ocean Coffee Table

Ocean Coffee Table

Rs. 89,680.00
Add to the style of your living room with Rocky Star's Ocean Coffee Table. The strong and sturdy form enhances the luxurious appeal of the product making it a must-have...
Rocky Star Ocean Blue Lounge Chair

Ocean Blue Lounge Chair

Rs. 60,180.00
Redefine comfort with Rocky Star's Ocean Blue Lounge Chair. Adding a sumptuous focal point to any home interiors, the chair boasts a plush upholstery. With a classy appeal, the design...
Ocean Blue Dining Chair

Ocean Blue Dining Chair

Rs. 46,020.00
Enhance the style of your dining space with the exquisite piece from our designer collection. Rocky Star's Ocean Dining Chair is crafted of steam beech wood with gold-finished SS legs....
Rocky Star Ocean Bench

Ocean Bench

Rs. 53,100.00
Delve in the domain of comfort and luxury with Rocky Star's Ocean Bench. Sleek and sturdy, the bench showcases a bluish hue inspired by the oceanic elements. The texture of...